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Service Categories

ARM Pitching Development (Pitching Instruction)

We will work in 30 minute training sessions that will include ARM care | ARM strength | ARM mechanics. Cost for 643kc Members is $30 per session and $40 for Non-Members. Payment can be made by cash, check made out to "ARM Pitching Development" or using cc or debit via PayPay to: jbeeding30@gmail.com

Hitting Lessons

Hitting Coaches: Mick Simpson, Mickey Simpson, Zach Lintzen
We teach physical mechanics, mental approach and principles that will translate to ON field success

Player Development

Player Development is the bottom line at 643kc. We believe in teaching the skills, habits and mental approach it will take for each player to hit their ceiling. We offer weekly classes to help your player with their journey.

Training Classes

Training Classes are designed to give athletes a way to interact and compete with other athletes. Our community of athletes are expected to focus and give effort which makes the classes challenging and fun.